Meet: Natalia Villaman


I’m Natalia. Thanks for your interest in reading more about us! Here’s a little bit about me and my background.

Throughout the years, I have explored different areas, allowing me to consolidate the experience and knowledge gained and fuse them into my everyday. Originally, I hold a BA in Graphic Design and Advertisement, and a MA in Creative Sustainability. On top of that, I am a trained Cultural and Intercultural Mediator, specializing in migration processes and I am co-chairing an organization for more humane asylum politics in Finland.

My work has led me to engage in different initiatives within the fields of communication, outreach, design, sustainable development, human rights, education and research. Currently, I am located at Aalto University, where I work as a Project and Communications Coordinator for Aalto Global Impact. Simultaneously, I am a project member of the Reconstructing Crisis Narratives for Trustworthy Communication and Cooperative Agency and one of the coordinators of the Crisis Interrogatives research collective.

As a researcher, I focus on the connection between power, politics and the narratives they create: dominant, counter-narratives, language use and resistance to hegemonic practices. Here you can check out my thesis Fostering resistance: Acknowledging notions of power exertion and politics in design facilitation. In my upcoming work, I am to further work at the intersection between design, social science and political philosophy to dive into theories of political thought, narrative creation and dichotomies. At the same time, I enjoy creating spaces for discussion and facilitating safe spaces for people to engage in critical, complex and challenging conversations.

As a long-time activist, having been involved in causes related to human, women’s, animals rights and environmental protection, I value a lot the power of social engagement, communities, action and communication. Thus, I make sure they have a strong presence in my work.

I am always keen on staying in touch and having a chat, so feel free to reach out to me! Looking forward to meeting you.