Meet: Martina Dahm

Photo by Vilma Pimenoff

Ciao! I am Martina and currently I am pursuing my masters degree at Aalto University. I am studying a combination of sustainability, design, and development and exploring how design can be used in the development field and particularly in crisis settings. At the moment I am finishing my thesis that is about Finnish experts in crisis management and their experiences of power in missions.

I am also a happy member of the Crisis Interrogatives and I aim to be part of projects and activities where we can bring out different voices that question the norm and the conventional to bring new perspectives to crisis.

Before I started my masters I spent some years in Rome, Italy where I worked at the Nordic Artist’s Residency Circolo Scandinavo and then for 999Contemporary to promote street art in the city. The work with 999Contemporary culminated in a huge exhibition on the street artist named Banksy, where I was the graphic designer and coordinator of the exhibition. As I’ve always felt that I want to be able to give back to the place that I live in, I’ve also been volunteering most of my life. In Rome, I was involved with non profit organisations that tended to different needs of refugees and trafficked persons. I did everything from cooking dinner in a nocturnal shelter for children, to creating visuals for campaigns and playing card games while keeping company. Through the volunteering I found countless new friends who have helped me to gain perspective on global matters and crisis situations.

As crisis is a theme that has been following me closely throughout my life, it is also something I am looking forward to explore more after graduating. My vision is to use design and creativity to respond to existing gaps in crisis so that we are better equipped for coming challenges. Especially honesty, empathy and trust are values I am fostering and implementing in everything I do.

Family is number one for me. I was raised with three brothers, which of two differently-abled, and they have taught me most things in life, starting from gratitude. Being raised in the midst of the forest has also given me wisdom and appreciation of nature. These days to cope with everyday life and crises I do yoga, climbing and dancing and when I have the chance, I go on long hikes to simply breath and clear my head.

Please, do get in touch with me if you are curious to know more.

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By Martina Dahm

Martina studies a masters degree in sustainability, design and development at Aalto University. She comes from a background in the arts field but has during the last 5 years mainly focused on development and crisis-related matters. She is currently finalising her thesis on crisis management and power relations and will after graduating continue working in the non profit field.

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