Meet: André Santos

Olá! I am André, a Portuguese soul wandering in the snowfields (and green nature) of Helsinki. am particularly interested in holistic and multidisciplinary approaches with a focus on analytic and systemic thinking. My passion lies in strategic design and sustainable impact. As a hybrid designer, I tackle complex challenges by addressing people as part of an ecosystem rather than at the centre of everything. I believe that systemic and interdisciplinary thinking contribute to the development of outcomes that bring sustainable value to people, organisations, and nature.

My professional experience has taken me to live and work in multiple countries, including Portugal, Denmark, China, Norway, and Finland. The majority of my work experience has been as a designer and coach in diverse, complex projects from healthcare to off-grid solutions, disaster management, and sustainable development. As a coach, I craft creative ways to support interdisciplinary multicultural student teams, helping them turn their projects into game-changing innovations. Currently, I work as design consultant for Sonder Collective, a group of designers, anthropologists, social innovators and system thinkers with the urge to design a difference to the status quo.

I joined Crisis Interrogatives to collaborate with an exceptional group of brilliant individuals to question and unpack crises and their impact on society. On a personal level, I want to question my own assumptions, challenge my own perspectives, learn and get inspired by others.

If you’d like to know more or reach out to me, just drop me a line.

By André Santos

André is a hybrid designer that tackles complex challenges by addressing people as part of an ecosystem rather than at the centre of everything. Currently, he is finalising his master's thesis on the role of design in wildfire prevention.

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