Meet: Tyler L.

Imagine it is 2055…

I am on the way for my first Bowie’s gig

Elon Musk finally launch his plan as he promised to send 1 million people to Mars by 2050 by launching 3 Starship rockets every day. According to the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758, also based on the interests of all mankind, since regions/countries that are not members of the United Nations cannot obtain the Covid-50 vaccine, some Taiwanese on the black list will be the first group to be transported to Mars for permanent residence. Passports will be checked by the image recognition system at various airports and ports, as well as the global transportation hub controlled by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) completed in 2049.
HelloWorld! Ta̍k-ke-hó, this is Tyler.

I earned my BA degree in Art Education in the early 2000s but found my interest in the software industry as an UX and project strategy planner. I’ve worked with over 50 Taiwanese government agencies to improve their information systems for increasing public interests and impact. In 2018, my passion of education brought me back to the track of art education in NoVA program, which “highly valued Nordic education systems, emphasizing democratic societies, egalitarianism, socially just pedagogical skills and practices, human rights and social and cultural sustainability”. I deeply resonate with the program because the most inspiring artist/art educator for me since I received the pre-service training as a public school teacher, is Joseph Beuys, whose most well-known art piece is the social sculpture 7000 thousand oak trees in the Kassel Documenta.

(Non-)Academic interests

I have passion with exploring and developing creative strategies & methods for socially-engaged campaign to raise the socially-unjust awareness of the public (especially reflect on the ubiquitous censorship controlled by the combination of human-machine collectives behind the screen). By raising the question: how could human beings teach AI look and think critically/ ethically? Or put it in the other way, could AI-generated images “teach” human how to think and evoke a dialogue between the conflict ideologies? My research interests now focus on how to communicate the interests of the marginalized and minorities through AI-assisted art creations, in order to challenge the norm of knowledge paradigm/ mainstream discourse.

Used vinyl records as physical objects carried both invisible collective cultural memories and personal experience, which is always extremely fascinating for me. Among all music genres, I treasured the works during the Anti-war movement also the Seattle sound under the context of the Pre-Internet Era (You might notice the similarity of empowerment shared between “Everybody is an artist” from Beuys and “Anyone can be artistic” by Kurt Cobain). The exploration through seemingly unrelated social/political issues connected by the record covers actually helps me to develop my MA thesis- a culture jamming journey as a digital activist

Why I wish to join and How I wish to contribute

Crisis Interrogation for me is an ongoing process to bring up actions for change, a motivation for evolution, and a reason to carry on the adventure with the collectives. Hopefully I could contribute as a diverse voice from the world (politically-belong to) global south and the field of art education.

You are more than welcome to drop me a line here also meet these amazing posts from our collectives:

By Tyler L.

A culture guerilla, transmedia narrator, and a critical public pedagogue all rolled into one. A believer and practitioner in using art and pop culture to speak out and seek action for oppressed and minority groups. Also, an air drummer & vinyl record lover in my leisure time.

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