Meet: Karolina Drobotowicz

Hi all! Welcome to the bio of generalists and conceptualist, whose present biggest focus is: human&planet wellbeing and AI πŸ€“ πŸ€–.

Currently, I am researching the topic of Trustworthy AI services in the public sector, however my focus switches more and more towards AI empowering citizens. It all started as a thesis project at Saidot and continued at Aalto to become a scientific article. Currently, the paper I wrote got accepted to REFSQ conference and is soon to be published. For now, you can check my thesis here.

Looking back at my other work experiences, those were a mix of design consulting and engineering: UX research, UI design, concept design, data engineering, python or JS programming, and whatnot. Education-wise, I got Bachelor of Engineering in Automatization and Robotics, Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction and Design (with a minor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship – EIT Master School Programme), and a romance with Bioengineering 🀭.

All of the above brings me to the following point: I am in an ongoing process of understanding myself and my path. For now, professionally, I am excited about researching problems connected to Social Welfare and AI, brainstorming or engineering solutions for those problems. Paper, pens and sticky notes are my favourite work companions, though it is the laptop without which I cannot walk out of the house. If you like playing labels, Fortune Teller is my design-personality type (with a slight bias towards “Party Animal” 🦜), and ENFJ personality.

More personally, since getting the Google’s Anita Borg Scholarship (now Women Techmakers), the topic of women empowerment and gender equality – mainly in TECH, but not only – is close to my heart. In 2018 with my friend we started the Women for Women Workshops community in Helsinki, and in 2019, with 4 other girls, we started the board for the Women@EIT network. Currently, I am on the needed break from activism, minimizing my external efforts to spontaneous blog writing, which I hope to publish soon.

As for other hobbies, I do love to spend time actively or/and mindfully. My favourites places to be are with a lot of nature and sun (whenever weather permits ;)) or alternative cafes – there you can find me doing yoga, dancing, biking, cross country skiing, reading, or just breathing 🐚.

And welcome to connect with me over LinkedIn! Cheers 🌞

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