Meet: Helmi Korhonen

Hi there! My name is Helmi and I’m a Helsinki-based designer and creative driven by a strong sense of purpose. I’ve recently resonated with the word “multipotentialite”; a term you’ll find mainly on tackily illustrated inspirational quotes and the occasional book cover in the self-help category on Goodreads. It’s used to describe humans who – instead of being magnetically…… Continue reading Meet: Helmi Korhonen

Meet: Karolina Drobotowicz

Hi all! Welcome to the bio of generalists and conceptualist, whose present biggest focus is: human&planet wellbeing and AI 🤓 🤖. Currently, I am researching the topic of Trustworthy AI services in the public sector, however my focus switches more and more towards AI empowering citizens. It all started as a thesis project at Saidot…… Continue reading Meet: Karolina Drobotowicz

Meet: Eva Duran Sánchez

Hola! My name is Eva and I’m finishing my master’s in Creative Sustainability at Aalto University. In my current research and work, I explore feminist appraoches to tech, data, and equity – inside and outside academia. Here’s a bit more about me: I am originally from Barcelona but about two years ago I moved to…… Continue reading Meet: Eva Duran Sánchez

Meet: Tyler L.

Imagine it is 2055…I am on the way for my first Bowie’s gig Elon Musk finally launch his plan as he promised to send 1 million people to Mars by 2050 by launching 3 Starship rockets every day. According to the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758, also based on the interests of all mankind,…… Continue reading Meet: Tyler L.

Meet: André Santos

Olá! I am André, a Portuguese soul wandering in the snowfields (and green nature) of Helsinki. am particularly interested in holistic and multidisciplinary approaches with a focus on analytic and systemic thinking. My passion lies in strategic design and sustainable impact. As a hybrid designer, I tackle complex challenges by addressing people as part of an…… Continue reading Meet: André Santos

Meet: Martina Dahm

Photo by Vilma Pimenoff

Ciao! I am Martina and currently I am pursuing my masters degree at Aalto University. I am studying a combination of sustainability, design, and development and exploring how design can be used in the development field and particularly in crisis settings. At the moment I am finishing my thesis that is about Finnish experts in…… Continue reading Meet: Martina Dahm

Meet: Sid Rao

My name is Sid Rao. I am a public interest technologist, and security and privacy researcher at Aalto University and Nokia- Bell Labs. My research covers a wide range of security and privacy issues that naturally exposes me to the trans-disciplinary world where technology meets society, policies, ethics, and law. As a public interest technologist,…… Continue reading Meet: Sid Rao

Meet: Natalia Villaman

Hello! I’m Natalia. Thanks for your interest in reading more about us! Here’s a little bit about me and my background. Throughout the years, I have explored different areas, allowing me to consolidate the experience and knowledge gained and fuse them into my everyday. Originally, I hold a BA in Graphic Design and Advertisement, and…… Continue reading Meet: Natalia Villaman

Meet: Floris van der Marel

Hey everybody, my name is Floris and I am currently doing my doctoral studies at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia and Aalto University in Finland studying power and agency in participatory design. In particular, my research focuses on experiences and tactics of diverse people as they participate in organisational change-making, with a rural healthcare facility…… Continue reading Meet: Floris van der Marel

Meet: Nitin Sawhney

Nitin Sawhney is a Professor of Practice in the Department of Computer Science at Aalto University. As a human-centered design researcher he examines the critical role of technology, civic media, and urban interventions in crisis and contested spaces. Nitin engages user experience design, participatory action research, sensory ethnography, and multi-modal (speech/audio) approaches for complex contexts of human-machine interaction.…… Continue reading Meet: Nitin Sawhney