Crises tend to be unstable, crucial times when decisive change is impending. They are omnipresent, yet impact individuals, communities, societies, nations and systems at different scales, durations and frequencies. As a result, some receive global attention, whereas others are left undiscussed.

Complex systemic events such as crises ought to be unpacked to be understood and tackled through concrete action. Turning points become crucial in devising urgent, well-informed and participatory mitigation strategies.

Crisis Interrogatives is a collective to foster critical questioning and reimagining futures through research and design in crises. We represent and welcome multiple cultural, personal and professional backgrounds. The collective embodies a transdisciplinary ethos that embraces science, technology, design, arts, humanities and social sciences as well as non-academic socially-engaged practices.

Together, we expose timely issues in a critical manner by deconstructing dominant narratives and embracing commonly underrepresented groups and subversive voices. Collective action enables us to learn through mutual engagement and expand beyond our own perceptions of the everyday. We work towards curating a common methodology for tackling societal issues in a thorough, interrogative and meaningful way.

We purposefully contest the status quo through engaged, cross-cutting and ethical research, and contribute to the general understanding of notions around dominant discourses, power, and discussions on the possibility of creating change.