Meet: Eva Duran Sánchez

Hola! My name is Eva and I’m finishing my master’s in Creative Sustainability at Aalto University. In my current research and work, I explore feminist appraoches to tech, data, and equity – inside and outside academia. Here’s a bit more about me:

I am originally from Barcelona but about two years ago I moved to Helsinki, where I’m currently studying, working, learning, and volunteering. I have always been driven to understand and explore how doing good and improving the community around oneself can be mainstreamed in the activities, projects, businesses we start. In that sense, I’ve been lucky enough to find people along the way who also share this view, and we have started several initiatives at a more grass-roots level. One of it is Kooka, an initiative that supports access to university education for young women at risk of not continuing their studies. Another one is NECI Spain, a civil society organization that supports youth to access fully funded international non-formal education trainings about sustainability, health, and equity. They are a lot of fun and I find them to be one of the quickest shortcut to dismantle stereotypes, discimination and prejudice towards people from different backgrounds.

A few years ago I started to understand the role that tech and data have in upholding and amplifying social power imbalances and began to focus my work and research in that angle: equity and tech. During Slush 2019, we presented “Diversity and Inclusion: Tech it or leave IT”, a report I wrote with UNTIL Finland as a way to present insights on the diversity state in the tech industry. Now, for my thesis, I am exploring the intersections between urban transformations and data feminism.

Before moving to Helsinki, I have worked and lived in Berlin, Cairo, Munich, Porto and in a small town in the French Brittany. Here in Helsinki, I live with two friends who wonder when will I stop trying to succeed in baking banana breads, and some of the things I enjoy doing are playing the guitar, dancing forró and seeing my plants grow as the seasons pass.

I’m always happy to learn about people’s work, dreams and movie recommendations – reach out and let’s have a chat!

Eva Duran Sánchez

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